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Can you shorten everything?

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My favorite part about German language: We can add many words to create new once! But now the words are getting long, especially if they are listed together... Oh wait, let us just shorten them! 

At least, I will never have to fear that I'm finished with my work ;)


Let me give you a small insight of the blog post:

[...] Using the known example “Stau-Becken” (meaning a water reservoir) we need a second compound which uses the same last word, for example, “Plansch-Becken” (pool for small children). Now, if for some reason you write about both using an enumeration, water reservoir and kiddy pool, you can write “Staub- und Plansch-Becken” in German. As a human it is easy to connect the right parts and understand both compounds of words - even if you do not use the hyphenation and just write “Staub- und Planschbecken”. [...]

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