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Can you hear me?

Home Office

Two weeks ago, my blog post about the working in the home office was published. Shortly after I had written that article, I had "one of these" days were everything that could go wrong, went wrong. And because that was not bad enough, it was a day full of meetings with me sharing (or at least trying to) my screen.

Half the time, I couldn’t decide if the "technic gods" were just having a little bit of fun with me or if they were angry with me that I posted how perfect technology is working. In the end, I decided to write a clarification - you never know, perhaps there are "technic gods" which are more of sassy side - and show the world, even for computer scientists, the technology is sometimes really painful.


Let me give you a small insight of the blog post:

In the last few weeks, how often have you asked, “Can you hear me?”  I feel like it is the sentence spoken most often while working from home. It is funny how many meetings now start with this question instead of, “Hey, how is it going?”. The two main issues leading to our need to ask the other participants if they can hear us are either an issue with the internet connection or with the periphery (headset and microphone).

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