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Until now, I wrote three blog posts about my natural language processing work for the ScanDiags project at Balzano Informatik AG. Because of the current Covid-19 situation, we are currently all working from home. This is a new situation sure, but at least we are working in a software developer company - and developing software. Therefore, we can still work, as long as we have our computers and a (stable) internet connection.

To show the readers of the ScanDiags blog that we are still there and working on our product - and how it is going in this new and different setting, I wrote a post from my point of view. 

I need to point out, I am pretty lucky to have a big enough apartment such that both of us have your own room to work in, and no small children or other pets which can make it more difficult to work smoothly from home. Also, in theory, we have a fast and stable internet connection.


Let me give you a small insight of the blog post:

Software engineers and data scientists are known for working from the basement, in the dark, without sunlight or social interaction – basically socially awkward vampires to the rest of the world. Perfect conditions for working from home. As with any cliché, it is not exactly true. Yes, we like to have no direct light on our screens – ever tried to work with sun reflections on your screen? Annoying and sometimes almost impossible to work with. But the “no social interaction” part and “being a lone wolf” is impossible in our field: we need to talk to swap ideas before we start implementing solutions, we need to talk if we are stuck with an issue, we need a break sometimes from our own thoughts and to air our brains, we need to talk to update each other on our progress, we need to plan together where we want to “go” with our software.

Read the full blog post on the ScanDiags webpage.