Work Experience


NLP Data Scientist

Balzano Informatik AG, Zürich, Switzerland

  • Identifying and mapping relations between body parts and pathologies in German radiology reports
  • Developing and maintaining ontology used for identification
  • Writing blog posts about my work
  • Helping to define and establish processes (e.g. code review)

Python (NLTK, spaCy), Ontology (Turtle), Azure, Git, Scrum

Oct. 2018 -
July 2019

NLP Software Developer

Move Digital AG, Zürich, Switzerland

  • Using and developing an ontology to identify topics in different types of documents
  • Developing algorithms to show related information for various document types (Recommendation System)
  • Developing intelligent search functionality for documents dependent on the types of keywords

Java (Stanford CoreNLP), Python, Ontology (OWL, RDF, Turtle), SPARQL, Elastic Search, MySQL, Postgres, REST API, Git, Scrum


Apr. 2017 -
Sept. 2018

Research Assistant, InIT Information Engineering

Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)

  • Developing an automated text analysis of messages about events 
    (fire, burglary, etc.)
  • Researching and developing a natural language interface for databases
  • Teaching Assistant for Database Moduls

Java (Stanford CoreNLP), Python (NLTK), JavaScript, SQL, MongoDB, RDF, SPARQL, Spark, Git


Oct. 2016 -
Mar. 2017

Software Engineer

Atfinity GmbH, Zürich, Switzerland

  • Developing a customer specific CRM

Python, JavaScript (React), Elastic Search, Git, Scrum


Jan. 2012 -
Oct. 2016

Freelancer, Web Developer

Synventis GmbH, Basel, Switzerland

  • Implementing webpages for desktop and mobile devices
  • Responsible for customer support and liaison 

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, SVN, Scrum


University of Zurich: Education & Work

2015 - 2016

MSc. in Informatics

Multimodal and Cognitive Systems

Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology

Thesis: "Visualization of Narrative Structures"

2012 - 2015

BSc. in Informatics 

Applied Informatics: Computational Linguistics

Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology

Thesis: "Statistical Machine Translation of Technical Documentations"



May - Sept.

Research Assistant, Software Developer

Department of Political Science

Project: "Measuring policy diffusion with automated content analysis: The case of smoking bans in Switzerland and the United States"

  • Translating a topic modeling script from R Code into Java, 
    including individual adaptations of the script
  • Supervising students working on the project

Java, R Code, Git


Nov. 2014 -
May 2015


Student Assistant, Software Developer & Computational Linguistic

Institute of Computational Linguistics - in collaboration with Finnova AG 

  • Developing a machine translation system for technical documentations and implementing suggest improvements based on my bachelor’s thesis

Python (NLTK), C++, Moses SMT, Git


2013 - 2014


Institute of Computational Linguistics

  • Programming techniques in computational linguistics I (HS13)
  • Programming techniques in computational linguistics II (FS13 & FS14)

Python (NLTK), Bash