Work Experience


NLP Data Scientist

Balzano Informatik AG, Zürich, Switzerland

  • Identifying and mapping relations between body parts and pathologies in German radiology reports
  • Developing and maintaining ontology used for identification
  • Writing blog posts about my work
  • Helping to define and establish processes (e.g. code review)

Python (NLTK, spaCy), Ontology (Turtle), Azure, Git, Scrum

2018 - 2019

(Oct. - July)

NLP Software Developer

Move Digital AG, Zürich, Switzerland

  • Using and developing an ontology to identify topics in different types of documents
  • Developing algorithms to show related information for various document types (Recommendation System)
  • Developing intelligent search functionality for documents dependent on the types of keywords

Java (Stanford CoreNLP), Python, Ontology (OWL, RDF, Turtle), SPARQL, Elastic Search, MySQL, Postgres, REST API, Git, Scrum


2017 - 2018

(Apr. - Sept.)

Research Assistant, InIT Information Engineering

Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)

  • Developing an automated text analysis of messages about events 
    (fire, burglary, etc.)
  • Researching and developing a natural language interface for databases
  • Teaching Assistant for Database Moduls

Java (Stanford CoreNLP), Python (NLTK), JavaScript, SQL, MongoDB, RDF, SPARQL, Spark, Git


2016 - 2017

(Oct. - Mar.)

Software Engineer

Atfinity GmbH, Zürich, Switzerland

  • Developing a customer specific CRM

Python, JavaScript (React), Elastic Search, Git, Scrum


2012 - 2016

(Jan. - Oct.)

Freelancer, Web Developer

Synventis GmbH, Basel, Switzerland

  • Implementing webpages for desktop and mobile devices
  • Responsible for customer support and liaison 

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, SVN, Scrum


University of Zurich: Education & Work

 2015 - 2016

MSc. in Informatics

Multimodal and Cognitive Systems

Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology

Thesis: "Calculation and Visualization of Narrative Structures"

 2012 - 2015

BSc. in Informatics 

Applied Informatics: Computational Linguistics

Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology

Thesis: "Statistical Machine Translation of Technical Documentations"



(May - Sept.)

Research Assistant, Software Developer

Department of Political Science

Project: "Measuring policy diffusion with automated content analysis: The case of smoking bans in Switzerland and the United States"

  • Translating a topic modeling script from R Code into Java, 
    including individual adaptations of the script
  • Supervising students working on the project

Java, R Code, Git


2014 - 2015

(Nov. - May)

Student Assistant, Software Developer & Computational Linguistic

Institute of Computational Linguistics - in collaboration with Finnova AG 

  • Developing a machine translation system for technical documentations and implementing suggest improvements based on my bachelor’s thesis

Python (NLTK), C++, Moses SMT, Git


 2013 - 2014


Institute of Computational Linguistics

  • Programming techniques in computational linguistics I (HS13)
  • Programming techniques in computational linguistics II (FS13 & FS14)

Python (NLTK), Bash