VLDB 2020

VLDB Video

In August 2019 my survey paper about natural language interfaces for databases was accepted by VLDB. 

It was part of the VLDB 2020 conference. Because of Covid-19, the conference was held online, and we were asked to provide a short presentation-video.

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A comparative survey of recent natural language interfaces for databases

VLDB Paper

During my time at the ZHAW I worked on a survey paper together with Kurt Stockinger and Abraham Bernstein.

Finally, after a long review process, it was accepted and published today!

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The Linguistic Construction of World: An Example of Visual Analysis and Methodological Challenges

Book Chapter

During my master project I worked in the group of Noah Bubenhofer on the project "geocollocations".

Noah wrote this nice chapter about our worked - and after a few years it was finally published!

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A hybrid approach for alarm
verification using stream processing, machine learning and text analytics

EDBT Paper

Our paper about alarm verification was accepted!
My part was in the "hybrid approach" where we collect reports about fire and intrusion incidents in Switzerland. This data was used to calculate an a-priori risk factor for each location (different granularities).

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