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With the new layout I promised more content. But, in the winter months I take less photos and also, I wrote less stuff... In my private live I still do a lot of stuff, just not that type of stuff which is already on my webpage. During the time between Christmas and New Year I had time to think and decided to just add the other stuff I do. Well, that is a lot of stuff, let’s be more precise: In the future, there will be more content because I will tell you about my creative projects.

So, what are my creative projects? Mostly, they probably will be about crochet. Thanks to Mrs. Geisler and her Onza per Onza I now have again a place to buy beautiful wool. Not only has she beautiful wool and a great store to browse knick-knacks, she also provides the animals from Hoooked. Well, that ends in me always buying at least something... And I always go to her if I’m in the mountains!

In addition, I love painting on fabric. When I was a small child, we did that as gifts for our (grand)parents. A few years ago, I started it again as a gift for my boyfriend: a T-Shirt in his size with a motive he loves (and was not available to buy). With that passion for it came again and I find a lot of possibilities to do it - from doing my own motives or just coloring motives I found.


Enough talk, just go to the new bricolage package and see which projects I’m currently working on - and if they are finished they will also be shown on the landing page.