06. April 2013

The second time I was in Japan during Easter. I admired the cherry blossoms at the beginning of their full bloom in Osaka and Kyoto. At the end of this time, I witnessed in Tokyo where many of the petals were on the ground, creating a completely different mood - excluding the first two days of "downpour" in Tokyo.


Ōsaka Castle

Match 30th

Firstly, we went to the castle - it was much busier than two months ago!


Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park, Ōsaka

March 30th


Philosopher's Path, Kyōto

March 31st


Asukayama Park, Tōkyō

April 1st

We spent our first evening in Tōkyō not far from the hotel in a park that had set up "cherry blossom illuminiation".


Meiji Shrine, Tōkyō

April 2nd

First day in Tōkyō and it was just wet...


Yoyogi Park, Tōkyō

April 2nd

Since we haven't gotten wet enough, we continued to Yoyogi Park. In theory, they are adjacent to each other, but in practice, we walked around once since we didn't find the entrance right away...


Hasedera, Kamakura

April 3rd

Second day, just as much rain, but with a touch of wind and spare socks in the backpack.



Kamakura Daibutsu, Kamakura

April 3rd

The largest free-standing Buddha statue.


Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū, Kamakura

April 3rd




Kenchō-ji, Kamakura

April 3rd

Lastly, we were in a temple compelx, and when we left, it had finally stopped raining and the sun was shining again.




Imperial Palast, Tōkyō

April 4th

As good toursits, we also checked out the Imperial Palast.


Shinjuku-gyoen Garden, Tōkyō

April 4th


Ueno Zoo, Tōkyō

April 6th

Our last excursion took us to Ueno Zoo. Besides the fact that I really like going to zoos, the pandas were a good reason to do so in Japan too.

Unfortunately, the weather was often very wet on this day too...