08. October 2020

Kulturweg Limmat (artwork trail)

September 14th, 2020

We did the circular walk in Wettingen. We started at the monastery and went up to the sports field, and then back on the other side. There were "artworks" everywhere, but they didn't really convince us - they just didn't match our taste. However, nature had a lot to offer. Nevertheless, we wouldn't recommend it as a circular walk, and not both sides: stay on the Wettingen side first (around the monastery), but switch sides after the weir. Speaking of the weir: we spent an "unnaturally" long time there because we spotted a fishing heron.




September 15th, 2020

Best time to visit a tourist destination? In the year 2020 when there are no large tourist groups - and the total number of tourists is probably smaller too. So we decided to finally visit Lauterbrunnen. I don't know what it's normally like, but I definitely recommend it to anyone who is in the area!




September 15th, 2020

From Lauterbrunnen we went back to Interlaken. After a small Coop picnic, we had a walk around the city. Pretty little town and river... The color of the river is more than impressive! I only know this from mountain streams that come directly from the glacier, definitely not so far down - and we always thought the pictures from Interlaken had been "beautified"... Nope, that's really so milky-blue!



Hotel Zeit & Traum

September 15th/16th, 2020

We decided to stay at a more special hotel with extraordinary rooms and were not disappointed. It was a great overnight stay with good food and great staff - they will see us again, we will find a reason for it!

with a lot of attention to detail


The view from our room was breathtaking: at the top of the hotel, with a clear view of Lake Thun!


Apart from the room, the view and everything else, a red kite also came to visit us: several times and very close! My camera and I had our fun, and we also managed to take some great pictures.



Schnitzlerweg Axalp (wood carving sculpture trail)

September 16th, 2020

On the way back, we made a detour to the Schnitzlerweg Axalp. Since I was struggling with nasty muscle soreness, we only did the short circular route. The carved sculptures are incredible! There are so many and they are really great, a visit is definitely worth it, and if we are in the area again, we will certainly stop by again - and hopefully take the long trail.

even nature had contributed