Am I fluent in English?

Fun with Language

Ever wondered how you would know when you are fluent in a foreign language? 


Since a few days, I know I’m fluent in English.


Versions of German

Fun with Language

Ever wondered why German speaking people do not understand each other?

You can compare this issue to the difference between British English and American English - just worse, because usually neither part of the conversation knows about the issue and both think they are speaking «proper» German.


Paprika vs Peperoni

Fun with Language

Today, I want to tell you how difficult it can be to order food. "Paprika" and "Peperoni" have reversed meanings if you cross the border between Switzerland and Germany.

I didn’t know about the difference until I was in my twenties and had always awk-ward conversations while ordering food.



Fun with Language

«Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache» 

German language is a difficult language.


Yes, German is difficult and a lot of fun! 

Today, I want to share how "Urinsekten" can refer either to two or six leg creatures and/or something normal or gross, depending on how you read it.