01. January 2021

If you crochet (or knit), sooner or later you will come to the point in the instructions where it says "for the next x rounds". How do you keep track of how many rows you have already made in such a situation?

Often something like "use a piece of thread to mark the first row" is written. Something that I have never managed to do: the thread escapes sooner or later, or in a moment of thoughtlessness, I pull on it because I think it's a piece of lint. Personally, I have three other methods that work much better for me:


1. I mark the first row with a resealable marker. This works wonderfully for simple patterns, but can be difficult for more complicated ones to count the rows or if there are many rows.


2. I make a tally list of how many I have already done. This usually only works well if I don't have to do too many and plan to work on them in one session.


3. I write down the rounds and cross them off when I am done with them.


Since I always use option 3 when crocheting to mark where I left off (for example, I didn't finish any of the Hoooked animals in one day), I also often use this option when counting rows - and on top of that, I usually have a printed pattern in front of me, which makes it easy to write on and keep everything together. In the end, everyone has to find their own method that works best for them. If you haven't found the perfect one yet, just keep trying. It may also be a good idea to use different versions depending on the project.


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