12. December 2022

Switzerland is white, snow is everywhere. A short, very cold visit to Zurich Zoo. You have to take advantage of it when you can watch the animals in the snow - it doesn't happen often in the lowlands.



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Zoo Zürich

Gecko hier, Gecko da, 28 Geckos!

Die letzten paar Besuche in der Masoala Halle waren jeweils "Gecko arm"... Das wurde bei diesem Besuch definitiv alles wieder gut gemacht!

Ich glaube nicht, dass ich jemals soviele Geckos während eines "Durchgangs" gesehen habe.


Zoo Zürich

Eiszeit im Zoo

Aktuell ist im Zoo Zürich eine Sonderausstellung zum Thema Eiszeit: Kaltgestellt


Dabei werden lebensgrosse Eiszeittiere ausgestellt und dazu noch einige Informationen.


Zoo Zürich

ganz viel süss

Am letzten schönen Herbstwochenende sind wir noch einmal in den Zoo Zürich.


Wir wurden mit Bären auf Nahrungssuche, störrischen Elefanten, einem neugierigen Hyänen-Jungen und süssem Stachelschwein-Nachwuchs belohnt.


Zoo Zurich

our good-by to the snow leopards

We wanted to see the snow leopards before the Zurich Zoo starts its renovation. The weather has been a bit unpredictable lately, so despite the forecast, we gave it a shot... The forecast was accurate and it rained to whole time...


Zoo Zürich

Newborn among the seals

Newborn among the seals: On the 28th of June, a little seal was born, and two weeks later, we admired it.

He is a total cutie, an excellent diver, and also a bit clumsy while swimming!


Zoo Zürich

Playing Gelada baboons and more

On a beautiful day, we went to the zoo. The Gelada baboon young were playfully romping around, and the red ruffed lemurs were busy eating in the Masoala hall. It was an exciting trip, with a slight sunburn as a souvenir.


Zoo Zürich

Walk through the Masoala Hall

A bit of sunshine and lots of animals: T

he spectacled bear foraging for food, the coatis waiting until he was gone, the little panda observing us just as we observed him...

Simply a beautiful morning at the zoo!


Zoo Zürich

First visit of the new year

First visit in 2023! The weather is very changeable these days: first it was okay, then nice and sunny, and in the end it was wet and windy...

The animals were also rather sluggish, understandable. I would also prefer to retreat to a tree and snuggle into my fluffy fur!


Zoo Zürich

Ruckus in the Lewa Savanna

Beautiful weather lured us to the zoo. We had lunch at the Lewa Savanna and were able to observe it.


Zoo Zürich

Tiang Tang and Snow Leopard Cubs

The tred pandas are now three: Ting Tang has been busy exploring her new surroundings. During her rounds, she was watched by her colleagues up in the trees.


Zoo Zürich

Birthday visit to the Zoo

At my birthday we visited the zoo for a short time periode. The animals must have heared about it, then they were particularly active!


Zoo Zürich

Dusk at the Zoo

We love the zoo night: at dusk in the zoo implies a lot more activity of the animals!


Zoo Zürich

Wolves in a different way

Today, the wolves were in the enclosure of the tiger - and we were lucky to be in to zoo too!


Zoo Zürich

Winter magic at Zoo Zurich

We don't get snow very often in the "lowlands", so we quickly packed our camera and headed to the zoo to admire our favorite animals in the snow.


Zoo Zürich

Museum Night at Zoo Zürich

We spent a few short hours during twilight at the Zurich Zoo.


Zoo Zürich

A little bit of Zoo before the Rain starts

This summer, the weather was unpredictable and often rainy... Today, we were lucky to take advantage of the few hours of "sun" and visit the zoo.


Zoo Zürich

Nibble, nibble, little mouse... Who is nibbling there?

Interestingly, we always manage to observe some animals during feeding time. This time, we were able to see the otters, although not while they were eating, but playing instead.


Zoo Zürich

Animal Action

We had a wonderful autumn day at Zoo Zurich. Luckily, we were able to watch the snow leopards being fed and there was plenty of animal activity going on.


Zoo Zürich

Lewa Savanne

First visit to the newly opened Lewa Savanna and we were very lucky:

The rhinos, giraffes, and zebras were very close!


Zoo Zürich

Red Panda

Very, very short visit to visit our favorite animals, the red pandas.


Zoo Zürich

New Year, New Luck

The Zoo Zürich is the zoological garden of Zurich. It was opened in 1929 and is located above the city on the Zurichberg.


2020 was our first year with annual passes - and many short visits and great little moments.