Flower Meadow Jacket

with spiders, ladybugs and butterflies

My latest creation is a flower meadow jacket for the next generation. Both the flowers and the inhabitants of the meadow are all appliqu├ęs.

So you could say: I sewed just as much as I crocheted and stitched many more threads...


Flower Dress

chrocheted work of art

At the beginning of the year, I "persuaded" my cousin to let me crochet a summery flower dress for her. It consists of a light blue skirt with flower lace and a sleeveless white top. Additionally, it has a deep back and the entire neckline is also bordered with the flower lace.


Red Panda


I crocheted a basket with a red panda face on it for the laundry room. Now it happily hangs on the towel rack, watching us while we work.


Patchwork Jacket

Something new for the next generation:

a fun patchwork jacket!


I often see patchwork jackets, but I had never tried making one myself - until now. I'm happy with the result and it was definitely fun to make.


Panda Pullover

with link to the pattern

My latest creation:

a cute panda sweater!


I am allowed to crochet as much as I want for my friend's daughter - or until I run out of good ideas. Not happening soon!



"Magische Häkelfreunde"

My cousins surprised me with the crochet book "Magische Häkelfreunde" (magical crochet friends).

The book contains 14 charmingly cute patterns. I will definitely be crocheting at least 11 of them! So, I will be busy with this sweet gift for a while.


Sweater with Flame Pattern

Once you try Cashseta Linea Pura, always Cashseta Linea Pura!


After making a cozy sweater, I had to make a second one. The yarn is great to work with and incredibly comfortable to wear!

The sweater is finally finished and even more impressive than I had hoped!


Cozy Sweater

On the first visit to Onza per Onza, I had admired the yarn "Cashseta Linea Pura" by Lana Grossa: it is super soft to the touch!


After a long back and forth - with myself - I finally convinced myself to buy the wool and crochet a cozy sweater for myself.


Fuzzy Baby Clothing

The set of jacket and pants was finished after two weeks - it only took a month to upload to my blog... That's what happens when I finish crocheting in the middle of the week and don't upload the photos immediately.


By the way, the yarn was still really fuzzy after I finished crocheting everything!



Outside it is snowing and in our apartment, the black-pink lumberjacket is being finished. The yarn for the jacket was organized through a pick-up service during the lockdown.

Fortunately, we were able to go back to the store and browse all possible buttons.


Winter Socks


What does a woman do when she has freezing cold feet all winter long?


She crochets a pair of socks, then another pair two sizes bigger, fills the space with filling material, and sews it all up. Voila, the super-duper-warm socks are ready!


Crocheted Yarn Bag

If you have ever worked on a larger project, for example a sweater, then you surely know:


yarn ball one, yarn ball two...

balls of yarn everywhere!